Soluciones interactivas de marketing de proximidad

A solution based on Bluetooth technology with low power consumption (BLE), through small devices that can be hidden in walls, counters or specific places. These devices emit a signal that uniquely identifies, this signal can be received and interpreted by other devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops without the need for synchronization.

From a server the information that can be texts, images or videos is sent, and it achieves a more detailed analysis to guide the user’s behavior based on their location, the location of the beacons is quite accurate compared to the GPS of a smartphone, because what its use is done in closed environments.


It is used in different industries and disciplines, it is in the marketing where the majority use is found, it is used to offer timely promotions and personalized assistance. There are different sizes of beacons in the market and it is supported by most Android phones, iOs and it is also supported by Windows 10. Its power source comes from small batteries that due to their low consumption technology can last up to years without having to change them. Its high accuracy in geolocation allows advertising to be sent in various ranges from centimeters to 50 meters. They allow mobile users to be understood in real time. You can send information to interact with users in certain spaces, offer personalized experiences, send relevant product information or visit the store or mall.

Can be used at events or fairs where there are many people such as concerts, food fairs, museum sites for security and / or control.
You can micro-segregate potential visitors to your establishment who, due to their location, can become real consumers. With this solution you will be able to obtain relevant information about your offline visitors, know what number of visitors there are, how many bought a product after receiving a notification, days with more audience, what time of the day are more favorable for the campaigns and many other benefits.

Technological diffusion has the experience and the professionals to offer an integral solution of beacons. If you are looking for more information or would like to know the opportunities of this solution in your brand, contact us.

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