As a company using digital signage, one of its most difficult tasks is planning ideas for new content to keep screens interesting. Digging through Google can take a long time and leave you with generic results and too simplified. Repurposing old and traditional graphics of flyers and posters does not seem modern enough. And, as easy as it is to walk around your neighborhood and check out the digital content of other business signage, the content that works for your local pizza may not necessarily work for you.
Therefore, at CrownTV we have put our brains together and come up with a list of 100 content ideas for digital signage. These ideas are even separated by the industry so that it is easy to see what types of content will work for your specific business. Looking for a list of more visual ideas? We have created a Slideshare presentation with all this great information, plus additional content mock-ups and real business inspirations!

By Rebecca Dowden