Scala helps launch the new brand image of KIA in Russia

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A total of 180 dealers are equipped with 540 Scala multimedia players, responsible for managing the more than 500 LG screens of different sizes that are connected to the main KiaTV transmission system. Scala has helped support the makeover of KIA Motors Russia (KMR). The new dealerships mix corporate red buildings, large glass windows and [...]

Digital selfies with the Russian reality television star

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Augmented Reality (AR) is fashionable these days, and this installation of the week is further evidence that the technological trend has become international. In an effort to provide a viral buzz for Holostyak, the Russian equivalent of The Bachelor, the Russian television network TNT and Russ Outdoor. He recently collaborated in an exhibition of a [...]

58% of consumers buy more than they have planned … if you help them

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It seems that, according to the latest study by AECOC Shopper View "Omnichannel shopping experience" presented yesterday, consumers continue to decide to a large extent at the point of sale, at least in food distribution. Traditionally we wore to talk about that 70% of purchasing decisions are made in store, and we used to put [...]

LinkNYC offers a better quality of life with digital signage, Wi-Fi

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In 2016, the city of New York underwent a major smart city update, as Intersección implemented several link kiosks. The city replaced the old telephone booths with these kiosks, which offer free Wi-Fi access for the public, as well as advertising and orientation. Kiosks also allow customers to make calls nationwide or report emergencies. There [...]

5 consejos para evitar una historia de terror de señalización digital este Halloween

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There are many horror stories about the installation of digital signage. Scary stories of blank screens, poor positioning and unfortunate planning are all too common. To reduce the risk of your digital signage project becoming a nightmare this Halloween, these 5 main tips will make sure you do not come back to haunt it ... [...]

Digital Out of Home: a communication channel, not an advertising medium

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h4> The objective of each advertiser is to reach the right people in the right place at the right time in an efficient and profitable way. Digital Out of Home allows you to do exactly that, but more importantly, the opportunity with DOOH is to use it as a communication channel instead of an advertising [...]

Trasmediterránea celebrates its centenary with a clear commitment to dynamic digital communication

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The innovation and the improvement of the experience of its passengers mark the activity of the hundred years of the shipping company, which takes the form of a digital signage network, with interactive totems and screens with dynamic visual content installed in their delegations and ships , which are managed through the Icon Multimedia Deneva [...]

What is the best location for our digital signage?

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The Digital Signage has become an indispensable tool for the retail sector. Brands benefit from this technology because of its power of attraction and interaction with users. To get the best out of our digital circuit we must assess where to place our billboards to get a better performance of our advertising messages. The marketing [...]

3 out of 5 stores have adapted to the Digital Signage

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Digital signage saves employees time and can increase brand value and sales, according to C! Print. More than half of the medium and large retail businesses (retail and hospitality) have already adapted to the Digital Signage, according to data from C! Print, the largest annual digital printing fair in Spain. And is that digital signage [...]

PML implemented a dynamic platform for the Million Dollar Lottery campaign in the media

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In an Irish media first, PML Group has delivered dynamic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) to scale in a campaign that uses its patented dynamic platform. Working in conjunction with Starcom and the creative agency, Rothco, PML Group launched its new capabilities with a National Lottery campaign that included a live countdown clock for the [...]