How to get effective results in your digital signage project?

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In the next article Media4Display share us 7 tips for a successful digital signage project: Determine the purpose of your digital signage project. The nature of media content. Optimizing content. Choosing the right digital signage software. Choosing the right digital signage hardware. Select the correct locations for your digital signage screens. Involve the IT department [...]

5 business trends to apply in digital signage

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Rashan Dixon (Senior Business Consultant for Microsoft and co-founder of Techincon) says: there are 5 trends continue growing in 2019. Derek DeWitt make an adaptation with these 5 trends to digital signage, because digital signage is a great tool for internal and customer-facing communications Subscription services continue to rise Consumers demand more control over data [...]

Essential Tips for Retail Digital Signage

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Digital signage is the most flexible and customizable way to deliver messages to your retail customers. It has become an affordable, modern and practical alternative to print signage. Shoppers value digital signage in retail spaces when it assists them in decision making and aids in their path to purchase. It can also become your most [...]

Digital signage and art come together to create a unique visual and creative museum environment

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The Science and Technology Museum of Ottawa (Canada) receives its visitors with an amazing exterior visual piece created with Absen Led screens. art, technology and art are combined in a striking way at the entrance of the recently renovated Museum of Science and Technology of the Canadian city of Otawa, in a project in which [...]

The importance of technology in the store

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After the introduction of online shopping, we have witnessed visits to physical stores decrease. However, recent statistics show that weekly buyers at brick and mortar locations were up to 40 percent in 2015 and are expected to continue rising up to 44 percent in 2018. It is likely that this is because more people using [...]

3 benefits of digital signage for universities

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Colleges and universities have a responsibility to keep students and teachers informed with timely updates and campus development. Highlighted events on the campus show highlights of Saturday's football game to provide daily cafeteria menus, schools have a lot of information that they have to share with a range of different audiences. Schools can take advantage [...]