The Grammy Museum displays the history of music with Planar 4K screens and videowall

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UltraRes Series 4K and Clarity Matrix solutions create an impressive visual and interactive experience to learn the roots of Mississippi music and these awards. The city of Cleveland, in the state of Mississippi (USA) is the home of the new Grammy Museum, which like its counterpart in Los Angeles, is dedicated to exploring and showing [...]

Revival of Smart Mirror Retail

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D4C approached Premio Inc. with the idea of ​​creating a smart mirror to influence the consumer shopping experience. This smart mirror would be easy to use and would have an interactive interface that would be attractive and revolutionary for consumer use. RESULTSSmart mirrors were implemented in retail stores in the Cerritos shopping center, in the [...]

58% of consumers buy more than they have planned … if you help them

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It seems that, according to the latest study by AECOC Shopper View "Omnichannel shopping experience" presented yesterday, consumers continue to decide to a large extent at the point of sale, at least in food distribution. Traditionally we wore to talk about that 70% of purchasing decisions are made in store, and we used to put [...]

Flu season inspires contagious digital sign

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São Paulo, Brazil, the largest city in South America and the tropical epicenter of H1N1 outbreaks in 2009 and 2016, seeks to minimize the impact of respiratory flu viruses this year with an intelligent and interactive display of digital screens . Commissioned by the Ministry of Health as an alert campaign, it was designed by [...]

Trasmediterránea celebrates its centenary with a clear commitment to dynamic digital communication

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The innovation and the improvement of the experience of its passengers mark the activity of the hundred years of the shipping company, which takes the form of a digital signage network, with interactive totems and screens with dynamic visual content installed in their delegations and ships , which are managed through the Icon Multimedia Deneva [...]

The thermal imaging screen rewards travelers for body heat

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Digital signage, exhibits and experiences are undoubtedly a big part of emerging technology: the elegant and bright altar on which our postmodern society based on science leans in the name of making life easier and more efficient. In fact, everything from the morning trip to breakfast, the processing of texts and even the manufacturing work, [...]

PML implemented a dynamic platform for the Million Dollar Lottery campaign in the media

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In an Irish media first, PML Group has delivered dynamic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) to scale in a campaign that uses its patented dynamic platform. Working in conjunction with Starcom and the creative agency, Rothco, PML Group launched its new capabilities with a National Lottery campaign that included a live countdown clock for the [...]

Billboard promotes the Magic Festival by reading Minds

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This installment of our Installation of the week shows how far the technological concept of biometrics has arrived for its application in the communications and digital signage industry. This example comes from the Great White North, and more specifically from the French-speaking capital of Quebec, where a bus shelter was equipped with a smart screen [...]

Interactive touch screen technology is elevating conventional development sales space

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Facing the challenges associated with assisting customers through the property purchasing process, developers often implement a strategic marketing mix to provide maximum impact in each phase. Once customers enter the showrooms and sales offices, the audience is captive, and it is imperative to provide engaging and informative content that is effective to convert potential customers [...]

Mediapro Exhibitions creates interactive and multimedia spaces in the Poble Espanyol

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This historic Barcelona venue has modernized its facilities with new technologies and interactive spaces developed by Mediapro Exhibitions. The outdoor architectural and museum complex of the Poble Espanyol -Pueblo Español-, located on the Montjuïc mountain, in Barcelona, ​​is immersed in a process of modernization that this year reaches its culmination and grows in quality and [...]