Digital signage, exhibits and experiences are undoubtedly a big part of emerging technology: the elegant and bright altar on which our postmodern society based on science leans in the name of making life easier and more efficient. In fact, everything from the morning trip to breakfast, the processing of texts and even the manufacturing work, have been modernized thanks to the luxury machines, which has saved us time and fat.
In the process, however, our daily lives often become more sedentary. We are less skilled with our hands and we sit behind screens clicking to move away from dangerously long stretches. The minority has compensated with healthy addictions and rigorous fitness regimens like P90X and CrossFit, while the rest of us see that our overall health suffers as a byproduct of technological and industrial progress. Expert Sports, the largest Canadian retail franchise grouped in Quebec, took 50th anniversary store as an opportunity to draw attention to this same issue, while putting the front of the brand and the center with a kiosk screen worthy of our installation of the label of the Week .

By Jason Kushner