Objections to digital signage are not uncommon, but most are not too difficult to alleviate if you apply gentle, evidence-based persuasion to alleviate uncertainty. However, the technophobe takes the objection of digital signaling to the next level because its adversity is not necessarily based on well-founded fears, but on a deeper problem.
Ironically, the cause of the problem lies in the providers of digital signage. We are constantly connecting the benefits of digital signage, informing potential end users how amazing it is and what it can do for them. However, we are often guilty of failing to address the technophobe’s greatest fear, which is knowing how to use and maintain a digital signage network.

Perhaps unwittingly, digital signage vendors have fueled the irrational fear of technophobe for digital signage by obsessing over benefits, rather than practicalities. In a golden age of technology, everyone is supposed to know how to use it, but that is simply not the case.

1- How to help technophobes to reconsider their logic on digital signage
2- Eliminate the digital signaling from the equation!
3- Demonstrate how to set up a digital signage system
4- Recommends a digital signage champion
5- Offer an installation and training service

By Daniel Waldron