5 business trends to apply in digital signage

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Rashan Dixon (Senior Business Consultant for Microsoft and co-founder of Techincon) says: there are 5 trends continue growing in 2019. Derek DeWitt make an adaptation with these 5 trends to digital signage, because digital signage is a great tool for internal and customer-facing communications Subscription services continue to rise Consumers demand more control over data [...]

Digital Signage in health centers

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La señalización digital se ha convertido en una herramienta fundamental para mejorar la satisfación de los usuarios. En los centros de salud está tecnología transforma y mejora la experiencia de los pacientes. El Digital Signage ofrece la capacidad de mostrar múltiples formas de contenidos proporcionando una espera más agradable. La instalación de pantallas digitales en [...]

Improve security communications with digital signage

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The focus of security for companies in different industries is to see a change in delivery. Security professionals continuously seek to develop their education and culture as an integral part of their systems and processes. Security is a number one priority, but employees often feel detached from the content and platforms on which it is [...]

The Nebraska Public Library reinvents the welcome experience

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Do Space is a digital library that wants to put technology in everyone's hands free of charge. That is an ambitious goal that could be intimidating for visitors so we created a welcoming experience that is easy and accessible to start each visit with a victory. BACKGROUND Located in the heart of Omaha, Do Space [...]

Vue Entertainment is committed to digital signage as a communication platform in its cinemas

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The company is replacing the static advertising posters with digital screens of the Samsung firm in 85 rooms in the United Kingdom, which are managed with the multimedia players of the specialist BrightSign. The cinema chain Vue Entertainment is immersed in an ambitious digitalization project to improve communication to its customers through Samsung's high-resolution digital [...]