The Grammy Museum displays the history of music with Planar 4K screens and videowall

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UltraRes Series 4K and Clarity Matrix solutions create an impressive visual and interactive experience to learn the roots of Mississippi music and these awards. The city of Cleveland, in the state of Mississippi (USA) is the home of the new Grammy Museum, which like its counterpart in Los Angeles, is dedicated to exploring and showing [...]

Peters Township School District Goes Beyond Whiteboards and Projectors

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The facility is located in the Peters Township school district in McMurray, Pennsylvania. With 285 teachers and 4,400 students, the school district needed to upgrade its classroom technologies to create a more equitable learning environment for all students. Sharp entered and installed the AQUOS BOARD® interactive screen systems throughout the district, allowing for more collaborative [...]

Revival of Smart Mirror Retail

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D4C approached Premio Inc. with the idea of ​​creating a smart mirror to influence the consumer shopping experience. This smart mirror would be easy to use and would have an interactive interface that would be attractive and revolutionary for consumer use. RESULTSSmart mirrors were implemented in retail stores in the Cerritos shopping center, in the [...]

The V & A museum captures the visitor’s attention with an original touch videowall

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At the entrance to the Victoria and Alberto Museum's Exhibition Road, a videowall has been installed, configured by eight consecutive touch screens of 55 "each. This is combined with nine Scala media player licenses, in the SaaS model, and the Content Manager and Designer tools. Scala has participated in the last project carried out in [...]

The interactive experience of Caterpillar MINExpo

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Multi-touch screens have become increasingly popular with the desire to add more functionality to the user interface. Simple "push the button" has evolved into a more sophisticated interaction, such as two-finger pinch-to-zoom and other complex gestures. Added to this is the trend towards larger touch screens used in collaborative and multi-user applications and the need [...]

The interactive experience of Caterpillar MINExpo increases the sales of the brand

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Converse Marketing developed attendee experiences for a 260-foot by 200-foot Caterpillar exhibition at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas. This included an area dedicated to technology offers that invited attendees and facilitated millions of dollars in sales. The area included a stage / hosted screen, custom trivia application, synchronized transparent screens and interactive touch-activated screens. BACKGROUND [...]

The future of digital communications in restaurants: touch, signaling, entertainment

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In this day and age, fresh, on demand content is the expectation wherever we go - in restaurants that applies both to the food that is served and the technology that is used to provide an excellent experience to diners. With the ever changing offer of restaurants, promotions, FDA regulations and beyond, digital communication is [...]

I3 Technologies promotes interactivity in the classroom with its touch display line

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The range of products includes 20 touch tabs i3Touch Excellence and Premium, in formats of 55 to 85 inches, and the 10-touch digital board i3Board, available in sizes up to 135 inches. I3 Technologies, a brand distributed in Spain by Audiovisual Data (AVD), has a wide range of visualization solutions in its portfolio for the [...]

Mediapro Exhibitions creates interactive and multimedia spaces in the Poble Espanyol

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This historic Barcelona venue has modernized its facilities with new technologies and interactive spaces developed by Mediapro Exhibitions. The outdoor architectural and museum complex of the Poble Espanyol -Pueblo Español-, located on the Montjuïc mountain, in Barcelona, ​​is immersed in a process of modernization that this year reaches its culmination and grows in quality and [...]

Touch screens Elo Touch renew the image and increase sales of the British Hardy Amies

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An innovative, interactive and omnichannel approach is the goal that the prestigious men's clothing store has achieved with the installation of Elo touch screens to attract new customers. </ h4> Founded in 1946, Hardy Amies, the Savile Row men's clothing store, has its heritage rooted in the history of British fashion, as its founder - [...]