The range of products includes 20 touch tabs i3Touch Excellence and Premium, in formats of 55 to 85 inches, and the 10-touch digital board i3Board, available in sizes up to 135 inches.

I3 Technologies, a brand distributed in Spain by Audiovisual Data (AVD), has a wide range of visualization solutions in its portfolio for the educational environment, including the i3Touch range of monitors and the i3Board interactive whiteboards.

Within the i3Touch range there are two lines: Excellence and Premium. The first are all-in-one solutions integrated by tactile flat panels of up to 20 simultaneous touches, which incorporate V-Sense technology, which means that they allow precise and fast tracking of movements.
Available in formats of 55, 65, 75 and 86 inches, these screens have an OPS slot. They include an Android PC linked to the touch functions of the screen.

By Digital av magazine