Facing the challenges associated with assisting customers through the property purchasing process, developers often implement a strategic marketing mix to provide maximum impact in each phase. Once customers enter the showrooms and sales offices, the audience is captive, and it is imperative to provide engaging and informative content that is effective to convert potential customers into convinced buyers.

Already in the digital turn of things, the property industry has much to gain from the implementation of interactive sales spaces. With sensory signals at their highest point, interactive displays allow prospective buyers to design their new home in front of their eyes. From the floor plan, the content of the smart CMS layer so that customers can visually explore the design options, with the final product coming to life. Torn between the colors? The comparisons can be made with a click of a button. It is impossible to avoid the buzz around “customer experiences”, but the strategic use of digital opens up new avenues for personalization and marketing customization for large purchasing decisions.
By Grace Barker