The medium changes, the art remains.
The digital age has brought an incalculable amount of new opportunities for artists. In the 1600s, an artist could sculpt clay or paint on a large canvas. Nowadays, some of the best artists create digital animations or design applications.

Digital signage is one of those evolving media. It is an interesting mix of traditional and new age. While the concept of a sign is as old as civilization itself, a linked digital communications platform is something completely new. Which means that if you’re reading this, you’re working in a little unknown territory.

Never fear!

The correct designs have an aesthetic orientation and are utilitarian. This need for form and functionality means that experienced professionals rely on a group of closely linked basic concepts to create masterpieces that pass the internal review and look amazing in the field. Wait, what happens if you are not an expert in digital design but you have a network of digital posters for which you have the task of creating content, where do you start? Well, start with this guide!

-Do your research
-Create a realistic scheme
-Draw some things
-Well about the sources
-Put in the skin of an observer
-Use the color wisely
-Put everything together and present

By Rich Archer