With the ubiquity of online shopping, retailers have had to innovate just to keep up. Many retailers understand that they need to offer more than just one product, they need to create a complete experience and tour for the customers. Clicks, a health and beauty retail chain in South Africa, tried to create this experience with a digital signage route and kiosk in its more than 600 stores and 500 pharmacies in stores throughout South Africa, according to a press release.

The retailer partnered with Moving Tactics, a South African digital signage company, to display screens throughout the store, starting at the windows and ending at the points of sale. Frank Pour, director of key accounts and advertising at Clicks, said the retailer selected two panels for the screens as they stand out better in stores than a 16: 9 screen. However, the company deployed a single panel display more Great for pharmacies due to its dispensary design.

By Bradley Cooper